Thursday, February 27, 2020

Procedural criminal laws of Hungary Research Paper

Procedural criminal laws of Hungary - Research Paper Example ather, the victory of the law is in getting people aware of the punishments prescribed in the law and getting people to wage away from the law (Graves et al, 2002). It is in this end that there are various mechanisms in place in the provisions of the law in ensuring that the rights of people are not unfairly abused. In Hungary, the Criminal Procedure Law is one of such provisions that ensure that all people who are accused in one way or the other are given fair representation before the law for them to be taken through the whole execution of the definition of the law. A criminal procedure law may be defined in the context of Hungary as a sovereign country as â€Å"safeguards against the indiscriminate application of criminal laws and the wanton treatment of suspected criminals† (Farlex, 2012). Subsequently, the criminal procedure law may be seen as a series of provisions that clearly defines the processes that an accused person should be taken through so as to ensure that he or she is not wrongly charged. To this end, the criminal procedure law makes justice available to all populace of Hungary as a State. Hungary as a nation has seen different stages of its criminal procedure law. The first of such criminal procedure law was the Criminal Procedure Act XXXIII of 1886; which was followed by the first socialist Criminal Procedure Act III of 1951; before two consecutive acts came into existence during the periods of socialism, which were the Law Decree 8 of 1962, and the one which is presently in force Act I of 1973 (Herke, 2004). All these c hanges have come about in a bid to making the adjudication of justice to the citizenry better and improved. Generally, the criminal law of Hungary seeks to explain and define what a crime is. It also seeks to define the appropriate sanctions that should go with various acts of crime. But as indicated earlier, the mere fact that the law mentions an act to be criminal does not mean that once a person is found indulging in the act,

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